Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Yo- Yo dieting needs to stop!

Are you getting stuck in the trend of yo-yo training? You know the kind of thing where the holiday is now here in FULL swing, Christmas is coming and you are just pushing off workouts because you are "busy" going to dinner parties knowing that you are not doing yourself justice for your body? Well you might be sabotaging yourself and preventing success because of how you think.
It's a mindset and you need to learn to keep that in check all times of the year, especially now around the holiday. I run into men and women all the time that have a mental mind block that stops them from becoming the best they can be. Good news is that you can shift your mindset and then your life will follow suit. Here are some ways you can quit that mind sabotaging behavior.
The biggest mistake I see is self doubt. You can't expect yourself to succeed when your mind is screaming "I can't" at you all the time. It's a big shift in attitude when you tell yourself " I can"! What you repeat to yourself becomes your internal dialogue. The more you start to face the fear and do it anyways, the more you will try things that you once thought you can't. Plus if you ever work with me personally, "I can't" is a 10 burpee penalty until you realize that you CAN
Comparison kills the peace inside your mind. Playing the comparison game is toxic, and you can’t win. There’s no way you can hold yourself up against someone else, no matter what.
That’s because each of us have unique qualities that make us beautiful in our own way. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. How strong are you compared to six months ago? How are you feeling emotionally? Spiritually? Look into your personal growth, you can get a better sense of progress over time. Measure yourself against yourself, not other people.
Nothing is set in stone. You do not need to go into something with the all or nothing mindset. You need to learn to have flexibility in your life and with yourself. The key to success is to learn how to bounce back after you make a mistake or take a hiatus from training. The goal should be to create a lifestyle with habits that are sustainable. It sounds so obvious but it’s really hard for some people to do that. One tip that I give my clients is to have their goals written down in a journal for each week. Then at the end of the week we can assess what went well, what didn't and how we can make changes to reach those small goals.
Last but not least, fitness is a privilege and treat it like that. You should want to do it and not feel like you have to. Learn to find consistency in training like you do with brushing your teeth. It is something that you do dally that is good for your health and well-being. Fitness is a FEELING that you need to learn to love. Yes, there are days that are hard. Yes, there are days that will be difficult but if you can fight through them, you will have more success on the other side!

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