Monday, November 13, 2017

Who's opinion matters most ?

Trying to eat healthy and workout is hard enough by itself, but having people support your goals can make a huge difference in your success. Here is the one problem I see often that affects success long-term is a lack of support.If you ask any person that is dramatically changing their habits they will tell you that one of the most difficult things they face is keeping on track in spite of the fact that their spouse or other family members are not on board with the process.
You can’t help others before you help yourself, and your family respects that, but we are likely approaching it all wrong. The first thing that you can do to get your family on board is to let it be known that you are doing this for yourself. The sooner they realize that you’re investing in yourself, the more appreciation they can have for the situation at hand. If they do not want to be involved with your process that is OK ! Do not get frustrated if they are not on board with your journey, it's YOUR journey not theirs.
Verbally take ownership of what you are doing and relieve duties from your spouse or family. You can tell them, “Hey, I’m going to be investing a bit of time into myself when it comes to my health and it is going to be a positive thing for me. I’ll have more energy and more stamina and it is going to make me happier.” Doing this sets up your intentions and gives them an expectation of what you want to accomplish.
We crave nurturing and to feel valued, but we also crave being taken care of and supported, be it emotionally, financially, spiritually, or all of the above. When we commit to something, it is important to follow through, mainly because of the message that it sends to our spouses and family. When you constantly want to start something but never finish it, what is the message you are sending to your family especially your children? You simply cannot expect your external environment to support you if the standard response is failure on your own accord.
Don't worry if they are invested in your journey. Not everyone feels excited for other people’s successes. Often times people become jealous that you are able to be disciplined enough to follow up on the actions you speak on. Not only will you be more of an example to your family but you are working on building a better relationship with yourself in the process.
Getting your family on board can be a great attribute to your program and your success but it shouldn't hinder your progress. Be mindful. Part of bettering your body is also bettering your brain and attitude towards others. Be the best possible version of yourself.

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