Friday, November 17, 2017

What I learned about helping others !

As a personal trainer and fitness professional, I work with mostly women which is a blessing to be a part of the lives of so many. I enjoy every aspect of working with women from the very first conversation about what goals we want to accomplish, through the tough workouts, learning about your life, family and children. I always feel a connection with the women I work with because that is part of what helps me help you.
If you are thinking about working with a coach or a trainer, you are going to open your eyes to the amazing things you never thought you knew about yourself and how quickly you start to learn to love your life again. My first goal and number one priority is to help you embrace who you are at this very moment yet allow you to find room to grow and develop the skills to adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, there are some things in the fitness industry that need to be touched on so that you are getting the best experience possible.
First off, when you begin your fitness journey, healthy is going to look different on everyone. Don't start your fitness journey with the intention of "looking" like someone. You are you! Beautiful as you are and you need to embrace yourself for what you have. My first goal with all of my clients is to increase your qualtiy of life. Better sleep, more energy, more FOOD( yes more of it) and better recovery from workouts is what you need to be focused on. NOT, the scale, losing weight fast or how you look. Choose goals that are performance based not just a number on the scale.
This leads me to the second topic of discussion of knowing your personal goal. What is it that you want to accomplish? Do you want to run faster, compete in a competition of some sort, get healthy so you can play with your kids? You need a clear goal that defines what you want the ending to be. Too often clients come to me with no goals or just that they want to lose weight. Yes that is going to be a apart of the process, its far more fun to have something to work towards.
The next issue is one that I address constantly, body shaming. Especially when it's your own body you are talking about. Nope, I just stop that right in its tracks. You don't need to talk poorly about yourself or your body, EVER....period. Fitness is not a punishment for eating or to burn off whatever calories you think you over ate. Fitness is a privilege that we are able to partake in. It's unfortunate that I see so many fitness professionals talking in a way that makes fitness the answer to your guilty night of sweets or doing hours of training to "get into the bikini" . My number one goal is to enhance your life and your thinking. You are perfect as you are right now at this very moment. Fitness is something you do for relaxation and to create a healthy lifestyle for long term activity.
Last little tidbit of information, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and we all have things that we don't like about ourselves. The truth of it all is that we are working on ourselves to make our personal lives better. Remember why you are starting your fitness journey. IF it is simply to "look" better, you might want to change you outlook on the goals you do have. Try to empower your mind that you are good enough right now at this moment and that your fitness is a tool to enhance your life.

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