Thursday, November 16, 2017

There is NO quick fix !

If there’s one thing that frustrates me more than anything about the fitness industry, it’s the amount of supplements and quick fix approaches that are being advertised especially when done in a way that makes people believe they must be using them to get results. I know that you are on Instagram looking at the transformation Tuesday photos or the motivate/ inspire photos. I do believe there is nothing wrong with posting these images however please understand the method in which it took to get there. Some of those people might have worked YEARS for that after photo while others did something short term and might have not been the most healthy of options.
How many "quick fix" products have you bought in your lifetime? I am sure we all have some of those scam products in our homes right now as we speak. Just look at all the supplements the fitness industry tries to sell you on every single day. Are they worth it? Most likely no. The reason is that in order for the supplements to even have the smallest effect on your body composition, you need to have a solid training and diet protocol already in place. Think of all the things the market is trying to sell you: BCAA's for cardio, pre workout before you lift, intra-workout as you lift, post workout shake and then all the vitamins in-between. Is all that really worth it? Nope, it's not.
Now that you see that non of the above is going to make a difference in how you look, maybe you should start to dive into the things that will work over time. Here’s the thing that no one wants to accept because it seems too simple: The basics work. And you can make incredible progress without restricting yourself to meals of only green juice, or spending a ton of money on a bunch of supplements that are likely doing very little for you. Plus they are loaded with artificial ingredients that your body won't recognize and then it will have a harder time breaking it down.
My best tip for you is to keep it simple and basic. #BASICBABE You do not need to diet your life away, buy a fancy gadget, or spend a ton of money on supplements that claim to work. Keep it simple: eat real foods, train hard,and listen to your body. Don't be fooled with the industry, as soon as you try a product for weight loss, another one is on the market claiming to be better in it's place. Instead work hard and do it the old fashioned way. If you need help with training or balancing out your healthy lifestyle, contact me today and we can talk about making changes in your life!

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