Monday, November 20, 2017

The price of being "lean".

Is being "lean" worth it? Have you really asked yourself this question when you start a fitness programs with the goal of losing weight. Have you considered the time, commitment, health factors and emotions that you might encounter to get lean. Many women underestimate how much time, effort and dedication it takes to lose weight the safe way to keep the weight off. Others, choose a more rapid path of a quick fix diet but don't know how to reverse back into normal eating and gain the weight back soon after.
When i talk with clients, I ask them the goals the have. Many times the goal is to lose some weight, get more "fit" and feel more confident. At some level, everyone has the notion to get leaner in some way. The question then is, what do you really want? How committed are you? Will this really make you happy?
I see it time and time again where the goal is to lose weight yet, when weight loss occurs. the client is still unhappy with the changes they made. What is your idea of getting lean or the picture of what your goal body would look like? Everyone has a different idea of a goal physique yet there are so many things to consider when trying to get lean:
- What is your current physical level now.
- What is your natural body shape and the level of leanness your body type can accomplish.
- Long term weight loss is not healthy and you will need to eat more and gain body fat at some point.
- Emotionally you will be taxed when trying to get to a level of leanness your body is not comfortable with.
Everyone has a different body. That needs to be the first thing that you accept. Maybe your friend can get away with working out a few times a week and eating healthy to maintain a leaner physique and you need to work really hard at it. While you absolutely have some control over your body composition, your genes play a role but that isn't the reason you are the way you are. Getting lean isn't always easy or healthy. Some people can be lean naturally and others need to go to some unhealthy measures to get lean but then that is not sustainable. You need to take into consideration your health and well-being over being lean enough. Why would you want to be miserable just to be lean.
When your body is functioning at an optimal level, you have energy throughout the day. You feel happy, you are not foggy brained and you perform well in the gym. If you are starting to see your health decline, your emotions getting the best of you or even feeling anxious or depressed, these are all signs that your doing too much and you need to give your body a break. This means stop restricting food and take some time out of the gym for a little. Balance is key when trying to maintain a healthy body composition.
Last thing to mention is that being lean does NOT mean healthy. You will see social media flooded with pictures of females who many of us look at as our "ideal" body that we don't even see how beautiful we truly are. Don't believe everything you see because a lot of it is fancy filters and posing at all the right angles. There is no wrong way to have a body, and fit and healthy bodies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Wanting to be lean takes a huge commitment and it takes time. Make sure that it's something you really want to start to work towards If you don’t want to make additional lifestyle changes in order to change your body, that is entirely up to you Getting lean takes sacrifices such as skipping social events, being in bed by 9 p.m. every night, training twice a day and taking time from things that could bring more joy to your life. If this is a path you want to take, make sure you have a timeline that you can follow. Getting getting extremely lean may affect your lifestyle, optimal health, and performance a bit as you focus on aesthetics for a while. I recommend that you diet for 3-4 months but take a good diet break and reverse diet back up to a normal caloric intake to protect your metabolism and take the stress off you body.

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