Thursday, November 23, 2017

Quick Holiday Tips !

On average many people eat an extra 600 calories per day during the holiday season, YIKES! That can be the reason that people tend to gain weight. I want to give you 5 helpful tips to navigate the holiday season without ruining your diet!
1- HERE and NOW rule. If you were not at that party at that moment would you be able to get the food that is on the table somewhere tomorrow? Think of it like this, if the cookies on the table were from the store and you can buy them any time, steer clear. BUT, if it was your grandmas homemade pie, enjoy a piece because tis the season!
2- 2 of the 4 but never more. This applies to breads, starchy carbs, desserts and alcohol. Yes this means you need to make a decision on what you are eating. So you can have bread and alcohol or dessert and stuffing but you can't have it all.
3- 10 min walk pre and post dinner. Many time you eat dinner and then move right to the couch. Instead, take a 10 min walk before and after you eat. Not only will you be able to feel more comfortable after your meal but you have time to get some fresh air with family.
4- Don't drink your calories. Did you know that a cup of eggnog has up to 450 calories! Even these special drinks from Starbucks have 300-450 calories. Don't make the mistake of drinking your calories because they add up fast!!! If you want a bit of a calorie savor, try mixing half of a sparkling water with a white wine to save you some calories for other treats that you want!
5- Try everything once in a small portion. Slowly eat your food and don't just chow down. If it's something that you don't like, don't eat it. Make sure you are eating foods that you enjoy and want to have then have seconds. Don't be afraid to enjoy your holiday season!
Happy Holiday's!

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