Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fill up YOUR cup first!

If you don't fill up your cup first, you have nothing to pour out into others. I wanted to talk today about taking care of yourself both mind and body. I understand we all have lives, we are busy people going from place to place with not a lot "me" time. Yet a lot of this is self created clutter that you can really sift through and find areas of time that you can use for you.
Be good to yourself. It's quite simple yet overlooked by almost everyone. As a trainer, my first goal besides getting people to live healthier lives, is to learn to be good to themselves. This is through training and eating healthy foods that make them in control of what they do again. You see many women I work with are so forgiving to others and ready to say yes to everyone besides themselves. You are worth your time too!
One thing I see often is the fear of failure holding people back from truly reaching the potential they are destined to have. If you are too hard on yourself, it is setting you up for a reason to not continue forward. Self-destructive behavior can take the form of striving to achieve physique goals, or training to win marathons, or any type of physical competition or goal. Athletic goals can also be taken to extremes to the point that it is unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally but can be perceived and easily dismissed as “driven." Driven does not mean it healthy.
There is a difference between being driven and being self-destructive. Ask yourself what the motivation is behind what you are doing daily. Does this action come from a positively driven or being negatively self-destructive place? Exercise is the one thing I see most often being abused. If you are doing cardio or training to "undo" what you ate, right there it's being destructive. You should be training because you love to feel powerful and strong not as a punishment.
The act of being good to yourself can come in many forms. The first one that you can start right now is how you talk to yourself. Are you talking to yourself from a positive place? Do you speak to yourself with kindness or are you tearing yourself down daily. I want you to work on your internal dialogue that you are speaking day in and day out. Give credit to yourself when credit is due.
I personally feel it is very healthy to have a level of pride and feeling of accomplishment if you’ve done what you’ve set out to do, or even more than what you set out to do. It’s OK to be proud. Genuinely being proud of what you’ve done is healthy mentally and emotionally.
Working on yourself from the inside out is not an easy task. I want to help you find that inner confidence and truly feel accomplished with what you are doing with your life. Comment below some ways you are going to be good to yourself!

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