Monday, November 6, 2017

Can you "find" motivation?

Is motivation something you can find and conjure up? Or is it something you need to have deep in your soul? I will bet you that everyone you meet falls out of being motivated at some point in their lives, the difference is how strong the habit is.
You need to have a habit created in order to make something last long term. Have you ever started a program and found yourself 3 weeks later frustrated that you are not as motivated as when you started? Maybe it's because you are not seeing the changes as quickly as you would like or maybe because you are truly not enjoying the process anymore. Whatever your case may be, if you created a habit of eating right and going to the gym that should help you stay on track and motivated to go.
You have to understand that there will be moments of failure in your progress. No one is 100% all the time, we are all flawed and you are human. You cannot get stuck on the little hiccups that occur. If you make a mistake you need to move on and fix the issue that made it happen in the first place. Learn to be prepared for the moments that can go wrong. For instance, if you are going out to eat, pre plan your meal by looking at the menu. If you miss the gym, make sure you get there the very next day. Do not allow yourself to spiral out of control.
If you don't like it or believe in it, you won't do it. If you had spinning class don't sign up for that at the gym. If you hate celery or broccoli don't force yourself to eat it. What you do needs to be enjoyable and something you can do for a lifetime. Choose foods that you really enjoy and keep them on hand. If you are in the car, make sure you have some of your favorite snacks as options for you to eat while on the go.
Last but not least, let's stop the chronic dieting. Not only are you making your metabolism a mess by yo-yo dieting but you are not creating a good life habit that will last. So many women that I work with are eating 1000 calories or less thanks to some fad diet program. I have seen much success from women who learn to track their macros with the understanding of what is made up of.
You CAN make this a lifestyle that you enjoy with foods that you love and still meet your weight loss goals. I have done it, and continue to tweak it so that I am not only meeting my goals, but making it enjoyable in the process. I want you to start to dig deeper with the knowledge you gain. Understand the why and your motivation becomes he easy part!

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