Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We were all beginners!

New to weight training? We have ALL been there. Really! We didn't all feel confident walking into the weight room which is typically filled with guys that are intimidating. With the proper guidance, you can become a part of something amazing which is "iron therapy" !

i want you to be confident and getting into the gym is step one! However you might need more encouragement than that. Here are some pointers:

Don’t worry about what others might think of you. Everyone was a beginner at some point and was equally as confused. Besides, most people are too busy focusing on themselves to even notice you!

Go in with a plan. Many beginners start in the gym wondering around looking at the equipment with no set plan. Having an objective builds your confidence in the weight room. If you are new and need help, contact me for online training OR find a certified personal trainer in your ares.

Keep a training log and track your workouts. You should be recording the weights and reps performed for each set of every exercise, plus any notes and comments on the side. This way, you’ll know if you’re truly making progress. This goes along with the above by knowing your program. Being detailed oriented is the fastest way to make progress in the gym.

Your workouts should be centered mainly around variations of the main compound movements - squat, bench/pushup, deadlift, hip thrust, and chin-up. Use regressions as needed if you don’t have the strength to perform a specific exercise just yet. Set a performance goal to keep things exciting in the gym - maybe strive for a strict bodyweight chin-up, 10 proper pushups, or a bodyweight deadlift.

Finally, make sure what you are doing is something you really do enjoy. If you don't like it, what are the chances you are going to stick to the program? Finding what you like is half the battle to your success in the gym!

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