Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Power of the weights !

The power of strength training. A topic I hear from so many women and I feel that I need to keep impacting those around me. In order to educate you, I want to really help impact your thinking and redefine your mindset. The topic that I have been having a hard time educating people on, especially women is strength training and gaining muscle.
If you really pay attention to what the media is telling you: "lose weight with ____ diet" or " how to build your glutes in 5 days" or " lose____ pounds in ____ days". It's all around us and its all a marketing scheme, they got you to look didn't they? I want to share how important it is for women to strength train. Every woman should have some sort of resistance training in their daily training routine. Why? Well you carry your kids don't you? You go grocery shopping right ? You have to carry things into the house? That all requires you to have the muscle in order to do this.
Let's just close the argument of getting "bulky" right now. Unless you are taking steroids and lifting as your job, you will not get bulky. If you are looking to add shape to your body and increase your metabolism, lifting or resistance training, will boost your metabolism because of the lean muscle mass. For women, we just do not have the amount of hormones to "get big". Doing cardio alone will not increase your lean body mass either, you need to add in weight training.
Resistance training is a great tool to keep your body healthy. When you resistance train you increase your bone density. This is important for long term quality of life. The more you increase your muscles and bone density you increase your longevity and ability to DO MORE in life.
As a woman who lifts, i can tell you its a beautiful thing. Learning what you are capable of when you train gives you the confidence to do other things in life. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a gym you love going to. I am so glad that the media is finally starting to shine some light on females and weight training. We are designed to move, lift, run and condition our bodies. The fastest way to regain your confidence and health is to get to the gym and feel the power of the iron weights!
If you are not sure what you should be doing, hire a trainer who knows what they are doing in the fitness industry. You don't need a trainer forever but at least learn how to maneuver through the gym and have good form when lifting. Remember you do get better the more you do it! If you are already in the gym and need a program, I would love to work with you on a custom program to help you meet your needs!

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