Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My BEST dieting advice !

Losing weight takes time. Wanna know the one thing that nearly every struggling dieter has in common? A lack of PATIENCE.
It's the reason people repeatedly fall for the latest FAD diets or shovel out so much money looking for a crazy pill or wrap that is going to help them lose weight for good only to realize that it doesn't work or its not sustainable.
FACT: You do not have to do this to get the results you want!
Working with so many women, my life has been fulfilled in the past year helping to transform the mindsets of others when it comes to nutrition and dieting. Why is it that so many people would jump on the first opportunity for a weight loss scam that looks "easy" but when it comes to just putting your heart into it and working for it, many give it 3 months tops and quit?
Deep down, you know those things don't work. But it's hard to resist when they promise results like, "Drop 30 pounds in 30 days!" or "a slim belly in just two weeks!" comes on the TV and is on the cover off all the magazines.
HERE'S THE TRUTH : losing weight is going to take time, and there's no changing that fact. Take the time that it took to get to where you are right now, now that is how long it will take to reverse it! You have to understand that without the right steps in place, dieting takes time and you need to be willing to put in the work.Knowing this, you can go one of three directions:
1. Become a Patient Dieter, accept that losing weight takes time, and focus on making sustainable changes that'll help you stay consistent.
2. Be an Impatient Dieter and continue following extreme weight loss protocols (that probably last two weeks, tops)
3. Get all hot 'n' fussy that it's going to take time and never get started...
Ultimately, the choice is yours. But trust me when I say that the Patient Dieter, the one who embraces the journey and a new, healthier lifestyle is who will ultimately succeed in the long run. It's equally as important to not compare your life to someone else. If your friend Sally is over there losing weight and you are not, maybe you don't really know what Sally is doing on her free time. Is she following a training program? Is she doing cardio? Is she eating foods to FUEL her body? Maybe even working with a trainer so she knows she will get the results she wants.
Whatever the case may be, YOU are not Sally. Don't expect the same results. Even if I put two people on the same diet, same program, trained them the say, YOU BOTH would have very different outcomes. Why? Science and your body type. Embrace who you are today and what you have. Strive to make the steps to be more successful in all areas of your life and be consistent, the effort is worth it !

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