Friday, October 6, 2017

Live your BEST life!

How do you start to live your BEST life? There are many links to living your best life which include: proper nutrition, self care, weight training, cardio, sleep, recovery and balance. I want to share some of my best tips for getting healthy, living life to the fullest and finding balance through it all!
#1- Live a life you LOVE
It might sound cliche but honestly, if you don't love it, why do it? If something is causing you stress, that overflows into your relationships, your attitude and into your own personal happiness. Why would you do something that you don't enjoy if the reward from it wasn't worth it? Stop focusing so much on perfection with everything and start living life. Do the things that make you happy on a daily basis even if that is a 10 min walk or booking a massage for yourself. Take care of your mental AND physical well being! You can't help others if you refuse to help yourself.
#2-Make your life easier.
Can you find ways to make your life easier? Sure, we all can. Analyze your life right now and ask yourself what you could have done that made today a tad bit easier. Maybe that means prepping your meals, folding the laundry last night or even planning out your workout for today. What you do in advance will help set the tone for the next day. I am a full advocate for schedules and lists. I think they are great to keep organized and on task for the next day.
#3-Understand that there is no "good" or "bad" foods.
Why are there labels on things as good or bad? I think its something we are taught from a young age and I hope I can share some influence to all the parents out there who label foods as good or bad. You are creating this relationship with food that shouldn't exist. Food is a combination of protein, carbs and fats- THAT IS ALL. However, the quality of the food is what is important. Candy vs. fruit has close to the same sugar and carb content but fruit is filled with micro-nutrients that candy will never have. Understand there is a place for all foods and that moderation and learning the difference is the key!
#4- Do more stretching and mobility.
At the bare minimum, you should be stretching on a daily basis. Your body becomes stiff and your range of motion starts to decrease when you stop stretching the connective tissue. If you don't use it, you lose it. A lot of headaches can be caused by tight shoulders and traps. If you are attentive to your body, you can negate some of the aches and pains you are having.
#5-Practice gratitude and being greatful.
Every day you have the choice to react to the stimulus around you. If you are constantly picking out the negative things, all you see is negative. Hindsight, if you are channeling your energy for good, you will see all the amazing opportunities around you that you can embrace. Practice this daily by keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days. Your life will start to change.
#6-Embrace the suck
Yes, there will be times where you need to suck it up and do it. I am talking mostly about training and nutrition. I hear it time and time again that training is hard, dieting is hard, its a "chore" to go to the gym. No, actually its a blessing. If you are able to get up, walk, train and have healthy food on the table that is a blessing. If you are not using that gift well then shame on you. Sorry to say that but if you are willing and able but not taking advantage of making your health and life better, then that is something that needs to change today!
#7-Let go of fad diets, quick fixes, tummy wraps and magic pills.
They don't work, they won't last, they are wasting your money! If something has a timeline: 30 days, 21 days or starts eliminating things: low carb, no carb, all meat, no meat, all fat etc.Take the time to do research and learn about it before you start doing it. If you have a "friend" who lost 40 pounds doing keto, you might want to look at that friend in a month when she/he goes back to the normal routine of life. RULE OF THUMB: if you can't see it fitting into your lifestyle long term, do not think it will be a good decision just for short term gains!
I hope these tips can help you live a healthier and fuller life. Start to make changes today that will lead you to ultimate success in all areas of your life in the future!

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