Thursday, October 5, 2017

I ate a little too much, now what?

Did you overeat? It happens to the best of us yet for some reason the cycle repeats itself with the feeling of failure, doubt, and giving up for the rest of the day. Has this happened to you?

The truth is, at some point of dieting you will screw up. It's normal, your human and the real determining factor is how you adjust to it AFTER it happened. Many people think this happens when they screw up:

1- I blew it, might as well continue to eat crap all day because I "ruined" my whole day so why not keep eating bad and start tomorrow.
2- All my hard work is gone, I might as well just quit now.
3-I have no self control and I will always be overweight forever.

When in reality:
It was ONE meal and that you just continue on the rest of the day like nothing ever happened. You embrace that it happened and MOVE ON!

And right now you are thinking to yourself, crap.. I fall into category number 1,2, and 3. It's ok because I want to tell you something, nutrition is not black or white. It is ongoing and you can gain, lose, and maintain your weight at all times throughout your life. The trick is knowing how to be consistent 90% of the time with good whole foods that provide your body with nourishment and then allow the 10% of the time for oppssy moments.

The truth is that screwing up every once in a while will NOT ruin your progress. In the same way, being on-point with your diet & exercise every once in a while won’t help you lose fat either. What matters is what you do MOST of the time, and if you can adopt a forgiving and forward-thinking mindset you’re going to make it so much easier to get back on track quickly and stay consistent with your plan.

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