Monday, October 23, 2017

How to navigate grocery shopping!

GROCERY SHOPPING!!! For a lot of people starting living a healthy lifestyle is simply just knowing what they need to change. Going to the grocery store and trying to navigate the catchy slogans, what is a "fad" diet item and really understanding what you are putting in your body is key to YOUR success. The first trip to the grocery store when starting a new program can seem overwhelming. But with a few tricks of the trade we can cut our shopping list (and bill) in half! Here's some of the things I do to cut cost on my groceries and find the highest quality of foods for the week.
1.We ( hubs and I) plan meals for the week that share common ingredients like eggs, chicken, ground turkey, potatoes, rice, peanut butter, etc. They way you can buy and prep in bulk, making 3 to 4 variations with the same food (for example I'll make 2lbs of ground turkey, which makes: turkey tacos, turkey & rice bowl, loaded baked potatoes, etc.) .
2.I supplement with protein powder in a few of my meals. Powdered proteins are the cheapest protein per serving, and one of the most convenient meals to make. There is no excuse than to just put into a shaker cup and find water.
3.While organic foods may be a healthier option, financially it can be considerably more expensive. If you are able to buy organic foods in the future, explore the option at that time. If it's available (and not insultingly priced) I'll eat organic food...but if it isn't, do't stress over it. In the meantime, save yourself the guilt trip and know in your heart that you are already making huge strides toward your lifelong goals. Check out the dirty dozen and clean 15 lists to see what you should be putting your priorities on when in the grocery store looking for organic foods.
4.Shop the perimeter of the store. Your fresh fruits and veggies will be on the outside of the isles along with your meat, eggs, and yogurt. If you are going down the isle, make sure it's for some complex carbs like oats, rice, canned tuna.. etc. Steer clear of the processed foods in those isles.
5. Shop at a local farmers market. You would be surprised how cheap the produce is and it's the best quality. You are supporting your local farmers plus getting foods that are not tampered with in factories.
I hope these tips and trick can help you on your next trip to the grocery store! Plan ahead and know what you are going to buy before you go!!

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