Thursday, October 26, 2017

Eating healthy while dining out.

Is it possible to enjoy eating at a restaurant while being healthy and adhering to your diet? Yes it totally is! I want to help you understand the in's and out's of eating healthy and getting right back on track with your nutritional program. The hard truth is not the food, it's the emotions. We know what foods are healthier than others yet when we are out with friends, fitting in and ordering what "tastes" good is usually the first option you go for.
FACT: The "best" diet or workout or whatever isn't always the one that's most precise or scientific. The "best" diet is the one that allows you to make consistent progress without feeling overly restricted or stressed. Because consistency is more sustainable than rigidity. This means the black and white thinking needs to stop if you want to be successful. Why do people fail on diets ?? It's not the person, it's the diet and the rigid structure it has you follow. Let's be real, eliminating food groups ( unless it's a dietary issue) is not sustainable. Your body should have foods from all the food groups. Yes there are choices that are more nutrient dense than others but you should still be eating from them all to get in all your vitamins and micro-nutrients.
As a coach, I'd rather have someone make "slower" progress on something they can do for the rest of their life, than "faster" progress they'll only be able to do for a week or a month before calling it quits. Which is why I always work from the starting point of where they are currently at then we move forward from there. If I would just through some crazy diet at you, sure you would lose weight but you wouldn't keep it off long term.
Here are some tips when going out to eat:
#1- The day of going out for dinner, eat veggies and protein only at each meal. Why? This will help you save carbs and fats for your final meal and then you are less likely to be spilling over your macros for the day.
#2-PRE-PLAN! We live in an age where Google is your best friend. Look up the restaurant menu and plan your meal before you go. If you do this, you can work it into your macros and figure out the rest of your day!
#3- Pass on the chips and bread at the table that they bring you as filler foods. Instead drink a whole glass of water. Not the funnest thing to do but now you saved room for the meal that you actually want. Hey, if you want the chips or bread, manage them in BEFORE you go and munch away!
#4- ENJOY your meal. Every single bite and no regrets. If you planned it out accordingly this is a guilt free meal. You are in the driver seat of your emotions when you take control of what you are doing.
#5- Move on and go back to normal eating tomorrow. There is no punishment or exercise that will undo that one meal and to be honest one meal will not derail your progress. Keep in mind that consistency is key. So remain consistent the rest of the week.

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