Friday, October 20, 2017

Ditch the scale

Stop caring about the scale and start caring about how you feel. How many times have you got on the scale first thing in the morning and were defeated the rest of the day? I know that I used to let the scale affect EVERYTHING from my mood and confidence for the day ahead. That is not a way to live your life.
The scale is a tool, that is all. It doesn't determine your self worth or your contribution to society. You are a unique and beautiful individual that has so much to offer the world. Why would you allow the scale to dictate your life? The most difficult part of my job is convincing people that the scale doesn't hold as much emphasis on your success in the gym and nutritional program. In logic it sounds right but then when you are seeing the numbers on the scale its hard to separate your emotions from it.
My advice to you is this, Acknowledge your feelings and emotions for what they are, simply numbers, and move on to focus on other, more important, markers of progress. Your progress markers should be something tangible that you physically can do or see happening.What you look like, how your clothes fit and how well you are able to perform in the gym is more important than the number on the scale. Here is the truth, you can be the lightest weight ever and maybe even look like you imagined but feel like crap. Is that worth it? No.
I enjoy helping others break down those mental barriers. We all have them and we all need some reassurance sometimes that everything is going to be ok. The truth is, I have a coach for the same reason that people hire me, accountability and support. Yes logically speaking I know what I need to do, how to do it and the changes that I need to make. However, we all have a tad bit of body dysmorphia that doesn't allow us to see ourselves how we truly look.
Learn to enjoy the process. Train for performance and not solely based on how you look. If you eat healthy, get the proper sleep, eat nutrient dense foods and train hard, you have nothing to worry about. I encourage everyone to start thinking like a scientist and using hard facts of data that will help you make decisions about your progress, not just the scale!

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