Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Body image and your health.

Let's talk body image. If you sent me the photo of what you truly want to look like, then achieved that, would you be satisfied?
Most people would be shocked to know that even if you achieved that perfect body that you wanted, you would find something wrong with that image and want more. Why does this happen? It's a lot of mental games being played that cause the insecurities we have daily. For many, its the fear of not being good enough and fear of failure. Even when you are reaching your goals.

Will you ever be good enough for yourself? I think it's important to really dig into this concept. Are you every going to be satisfied with how you look? I know that insecurities steam deep into self sabotaging behaviors. What is your goal that you want to accomplish ALONG with your body composition?

Do you want performance or aesthetics? Which is more important to you to accomplish? Some of the strongest athletes are not the ones that look the most aesthetically appeasing. Many people confuse these two topics together because they want one and the other at the same time. Can you achieve both? Are you ok with not being the leanest you can be but achieve the best performance ? Or would you rather have your performance slightly go down for abs?

One of the biggest things I look at as a coach with clients is your lifestyle, goals, and what your set point is at for body composition. First, your body finds a happy place that it likes to be at. For many people its that weight that you sit at that doesn't move regardless what you do. This is because your body adjusted and adapted to the calories you are eating. So in order to lose weight, you now need to do more and eat less to create a larger deficit.

However, if your body is stressed beyond belief, you are not going to lose fat you will store fat. More is not always better in terms of fat loss and muscle gain. Your body will be in a continual state of fight or flight and start fighting against you. You should NOT feel like crap when you are dieting. You should be hungry and a sign of no hunger is a huge red flag that something is majorly wrong.

Don't try to copy someone's diet that you see. Don't compare your diet to someone else. You are a unique individual that has needs separate from other people. Start to learn more about your body. How to fuel your training and your life. Then start to train, eat, and recover correctly.

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