Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This is the # 1 priority for weight loss

What is the #1 priority when it comes to weight loss?
Is it training?
Is it diet?
Is it cardio?
Is it compliance?
Well honestly, all of the above is true for weight loss, yet the BIGGEST one is your nutrition. I will preach this until I am blue in the face because I am so passionate about helping people feel and look better. Wouldn't you want that?
Let's talk about what you need to do in order to be successful with your nutrition. First off, you need to make sure you are planning and preparing foods for your success. Many people try to "wing it" when it comes to eating and they don't come close to hitting anything consistently. How can you expect results when you are not being consistent with diet or training?
First thing you need is an EASY meal plan.Whether you are counting macros or following an eating protocol, you need to keep is simple. Trick number one is to eat the same thing everyday. All you need to do is plan out your meals for one day that fits your nutritional plan and eat that every day..... BORING?
YES. Consistent, yes. Compliance= Results. It's really as simple as that. So what if you need to eat the same thing, choose the foods you enjoy and then it's not an issue eating it for the first few weeks until you get consistent.
Next, plan your grocery shopping list and get only what is on that list! That means you need to walk into the grocery store with a plan and walk out on a mission for successful meal prepping. When I'm building my grocery list, I just focus on four simple things...
1️⃣ - PLENTY of Whole Fruits & Veggies
** Think of eating what is in season! Find a local farmers market and buy local and then cut and prep them as soon as you get home so you are more likely to eat all the yummy food!
2️⃣ - Leaner Sources of Protein
** No matter if you are an meat eater or plant based you can find lean sources of protein. Protein help to build muscle which will increase your metabolism. Think fish, ground turkey, chicken, greek yogurt or tofu.
3️⃣ - Filling Carb Sources
** Carbs are your friend! Yes you should be eating some carbs that are not veggies or fruits ( those are both carbs). Think of adding in oatmeal, cream of rice, sweet or red potatoes, rice, beans, quinoa, or squash.
4️⃣ - Fats For Spreading/Cooking
** Fats are my favorite and they are found in coconut oil, nut butters, mixed nuts, and seeds. Use sparingly because these macros add up fast!
– Macros and meals all have protein, carbs, fats!
It's not about building fancy meals, who really has time for that. I think that it's important for you to be consistent with easy to make foods that will help you be compliant daily. Once you get the hang of your nutrition, you now can start swapping things out. It's important to know what a protein, carb, and fat is so you can make sure you are swapping them out equivalently.
If you focus on buying groceries from those four categories above ensuring they're foods you actually enjoy eating and you'll be setting yourself up for an enjoyable & sustainable weight loss journey! If you have specific goals, your diet will change depending on those goals. Need help with your nutritional program? Let's find a way to talk about it and then make adjustments to increase your success!

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