Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Team NO thigh gap!

Yes I am talking about this today and I want to make sure that you are taking the time to read this! Why is it such a common concern to strive to be "skinny" vs. striving to be the best version of yourself ? Skinny doesn't mean healthy, just like being the fittest person on the Earth doesn't equate to a perfect image of health either.
As a coach it is super frustrating to see women come to me with the goal of being skinny. What is skinny? What is your reason? Why would you care about a number on the scale? These are all important things to ask yourself when you are considering your goals.
The female body is not made like a man's. We do not carry the same amount of testosterone that men do therefore, unless you are taking a synthetic hormone, you will not get get as big as you might think. Legitimately trying to gain muscle for a female is very very hard to do let alone daily lifting along with metcons or cardio. If you are committed to lifting and getting stronger, your body will change and the change will be amazing!
Why is there a common theme in fitness magazines that skinny is ideal? Body image issues are so prevalent that it's common to talk to every single person that I coach who has gone through some sort of body dismorphia. Growing up is hard enough but growing up overweight you are scrutinized for "looking" that way. I always want to be an advocate to women that fitting in isn't that rewarding, however standing out and making an impact is!
Being a woman that lifts, I still get the shady eye look in the gym like, "What is she doing in here?" Yet that hasn't kept me out of the weight room. it only makes me want to learn more. Women who lift are drawn towards an activity that is masculine and the goal is to develop qualities that defy the cultural norms of femininity/. STRONG is more powerful than a trying to be skinny.
We strive for muscle and we drive for the competition aspect of training. I know for myself, my confidence and focus on self care and development are a lot more in tune with my values. I want to help women feel the power of the barbell. To feel weight they can lift that they once thought was impossible. Overall. to be healthy, happy and confident in who you are TODAY.
I want women to stop seeing skinny as a goal, but to see strong, powerful and determined as goals to strive for. Your body is a representation of what you can DO, not what you look like. What does your appearance have on your daily life? Why do you want to fit into the norm? Embrace all the amazing things you are today, focus on your abilities and what you can improve, strive to be better than yesterday and don't worry about fitting in. Stand out and enjoy what you have in the present moment!

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