Thursday, September 14, 2017

Teach a man to fish, he learns for a lifetime!

My passion is education and the forefront is the mission to help others understand the truth vs. many myths about nutrition and fitness. Working hard in the gym is a very big part of your success but there are some things that you are doing that can be setting you back. Let's dive into a few misconceptions that I commonly hear.
-Being in a rush to Rx the workouts or PR every lift without a solid foundation can be detrimental to your health and body. Its one of the most common errors I see is clients going to hard too soon which leads them down a path that is hard to recover from or worse off they just quit. When you try to rush progression in weight training or in lifting, you are missing steps that will eventually lead you to an injury that will sideline you. To all the fresh lifters out there, just because your body can handle the load on the bar doesn't mean that you should lift without proper form and mechanics.
-I trained hard today so i can eat whatever I want is a bad mindset to have when you are thinking about body composition or performance.Nutrition is more important than anything you do in the gym when it comes to your physique. There’s no lifting/CrossFit program on earth that can do that for you if your eating habits are horrendous.Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying, that you can’t outwork a bad diet. If you’re serious about getting better, looking better and feeling better, make nutrition a priority. And stop thinking about it as a diet. It’s fuel.
-Stop using a crutch in your training. I see people wearing lifting belts when they are warming up. Belts, are a great tool to help your training. But they’re often used as a crutch.There’s nothing wrong with using a belt for heavy lifts or in a competition. But it can’t be because you have no idea what to do without it.Really learn how to brace your abs. Learn how to stay tight and use your midline. The whole point of your core is to protect your spine. I’d say that’s something worth learning, wouldn’t you?
-Stop comparing yourself to others on social media. It is totally ok to look up to people and aspire to be like them but you can't focus on BEING them. If you focus on you, you can always get better but watching someone PR won't make you PR. Just like if someone is doing everything right with their diet and you are not, you will not get better in performance. Stop comparing, start working.
-Go back to the basics as often as you can. Elite lifters go back to the basics because it's the foundation. Do you think you can get better doing lifts with horrible form ? Nope, take the weight off the bar and work on technique. You need to learn to train your body to move efficiently and that means going back to the basics as often as you can. Here is the best example, want to get better at kipping your pull up? Learn how to do them strict, build your foundation.

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