Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Progressive Overload in Training

What is the reason your not seeing changes in your body composition?
A slow in progress can happen when your exercise routine has become easier to do or if you hit a plateau. When you stop continually pushing your body to increase in strength, it stops trying to adapt.Think of your own training program, does it seem easy for you to complete or accomplish? That can be part of, or even the whole reason why you are not seeing the results you hoped for.
I want to talk to you about progressive overload and why this is important not only in training but also in your nutrition as well!
What is progressive overload?
Progressive overload is a gradual increase in the stress placed on your body during exercise. Basically it means making your workout slightly harder as your fitness level improves. This is what you want to accomplish from training. Remember, it never gets easier you only get stronger. You want this adaptation to happen because you will increase your ability to lift more and train harder, thus increasing your lean muscle mass.
Your body is SMART, which means it will become efficient at training after some time. If you continue to do the same training, your body will adapt and then you will not need to use as many calories to continue the same workload as you once started. To strengthen your muscles or increase your fitness, you should aim to challenge your body. Following the same routine may not give your body the stress it needs to adapt. Varying the exercises you do stresses the muscles in a new way, causing muscles fibers to grow and helping to increase your strength.
This concept applies to all aspects of your training including cardio. You should always be trying to increase the intensity or vary the cardio routine you are doing to see changes occur. However, you do not need to increase your training every single workout. You should increase where needed so you are not overdoing it and then have to create more adaptation to create more stress.
Nutrition goes along with this the same way. If you are trying to get stronger, you do need to eat more food. This is to help support and build your muscles to keep adapting to the stress you are placing on them. If you are looking to get leaner, your performance in the gym will decrease slightly because you are not fueling it for the workload you are doing.
Do you find yourself in a training rut often? Need guidance on what to do to increase your fitness and nutrition to go along with it? Let me help ! Progression is not a race, so don’t burn yourself out trying to match the fitness level of someone else. If you are still finding your current routine difficult, it’s not necessary to make it harder just yet remember your only competition is YOU!

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