Friday, September 15, 2017

Not losing weight? Sometimes you need to evaluate yourself!

Why are you not losing weight ? Tell me if this has happened to you. You’re on point tracking your calories and hitting at least 4 days of workouts a week. But despite your consistency, the scale hasn’t budged. You assume it’s a fluke, wait another week, and, NOTHING ! At this point you are more than frustrated that all your hard work is not really paying off, or so you think.
You give yourself just another week to see that same number as you saw last week. Now you feel like you are stuck and can't lose weight even if you try. This often leads many people to forget their diet, stop training as frequently and then just give up.
But what if all the things you "thought" you were doing right, ended up being slightly off? It’s NOT that a calorie deficit doesn’t work because that is a scientific fact that a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. Instead, there’s usually some human error happening, and you’re either not aware of it, or you ARE aware of it but aren’t being 100% honest with yourself.
So many people are so ready to just drop to a crazy low calorie amount and then do cardio until they can't. But for what? Honestly, if you are not fueling your body, you are not really doing much to make it want to lose weight for you. So if you're struggling to see results despite feeling like you've been on point, here's my advice: don't drop calories or add more cardio just because your progress has slowed. Instead, start with yourself and ask things like:
Are you tracking accurately? (i.e., not just guessing all the time)
Are you tracking everything? (i.e., sauces, bites, small handfuls)
Are you tracking consistently? (i.e., the week AND weekends?)
Are you *really* stalled? (remember, slow progress is STILL progress)
Be honest with yourself on these questions. It's really easy to "think" you are measuring but what about that handful of nuts you had that you just didn't track. Or what about the bites of your husbands burger that you thought didn't count. All of those things count and matter if you really want to see progress. Does tracking take time? Hell ya it does, but what is worth it to you?
What you don't track or measure creates a variable that you now are NOT in control of. A lot of people are looking for some magic but there is none of that. It's really all about being consistent and on top of your own behaviors when it comes to food choices. Learn to be patient. Sure you might see advertisements for people losing 15 pounds in 10 days but guess what? All of that is going to come right back before that person blinks an eye and you are right back to where you started and sometimes even worse off.
If you are stuck, fed up and ready for a change, contact me today so we can work on fixing some of these common issues that I help people overcome daily.

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