Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Motivation, what drives you?

Motivation- what drives you? This is one thing I have been thinking about recently because working with clients this is a common concept that we talk about. Where does your motivation comes from? Did you know your motivation has an impact on the choices you make, how you train and what foods you eat, how you view your body and what your self talk sounds like.
There are two sides of the spectrum. On one end I have clients who do the work, track progress both in nutrition and in the gym, they make a conscious effort towards living a healthy lifestyle regardless of what is going on in their life. These clients are the ones who see consistent results.
Then on the other side are my clients who "wish" things to happen for them, want a quick fix, show up when life is convenient for them or when they want to lose weight. A lot of time, these people start and stop a program many times, have the yo-yo dieting mindset and just keep looking for the "magic" mix that will get you results.
So let's talk motivation. The first set of clients is driven by internal motivation and the second set of clients is driven by external motivation. So what type are you? Do you know which type you are? Let's look into motivation right now!
Internal motivation is a special type of person. Internally motivated people have this drive that comes from within but it doesn't end because this is "normal" life to them. Internally motivated people are self driven and more driven by goals that they create and accomplish. The goal is: to continue to improve, and that goal is large and vague and it allows for daily failures without these failures ending in the person giving up. A person who is internally driven may come in last in a workout, may have bad or good training days but regardless doesn't stop pushing and striving for more.
An internally motivated person doesn’t ask “when am I going to look like _______” or “how long will this take?” An internally motivated person will ask “Can you show me how to do this” and “I want to achieve this, what drills can I do to get there?”
External motivation is more common in our society in which people look for approval from someone else. Yes, we all need support but we also need to have some internal drive. What happens most often is seeing people set off to reach a goal, then that goal is met and motivation to continue dies off. Yes, we all want to have a great looking body, yes we all want to be able to train and succeed but there are a lot of ups and downs to be worked through. Regardless of your goal you should be working towards something all the time. When you reach that goal, set a new one and keep grinding on.
I know that self motivation is hard. No one likes to go to the gym alone. No one like to wake up early and train but guess what? Sometimes you need to get the job done. What motivates you to train? Internal or external, if you reached your goals tomorrow would you stop, or would you make more goals and be back the next day desperate to start again? I truly believe that you have internal motivation to some extent you will be able to keep striving towards more. Don't wait for someone to give you a high five for a job well done, get so motivated by yourself that nothing stands in your way.

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