Monday, September 25, 2017

Macros can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be?

Macros can be overwhelming. Yes I agree with that statement. Whether you are a macro tracking veteran OR if you are just getting started, there are many times that macro counting can be a "hassle" or just a big old pain in the rear. Do we like tracking everything we eat? That's a big HELL NO however, your goals are almost depending on some sort of structure for to make body composition changes if that is your goal. If it's not, then tracking what you eat isn't as important.
When starting off with my clients, I assess how they are doing from the first week of tracking what they normally eat. From there we discuss the "trend" of what foods they are eating and then how we can make it better. Some people already start making the small connections of eating way to many carbs or fats at a specific time of day or maybe their protein intake is insanely low. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach to macro counting.
I want every single person to be successful when working with me. So instead of overwhelming you with numbers, I start nice and small. First, we choose a protein goal to hit. That is all I am concerned about for the first week or two. Once you hit that successfully we move onto the fat number. You see where I am going with this? We build you slowly to ensure your success when learning how to track your food. Once you start to see that you are tracking and it's not as overwhelming as you thought it was, we put all the pieces together.
Being consistent is far more important than being perfect every single day. Yes that is the end goal but in the beginning we want to establish some consistent behaviors that you will be able to follow long term. Remember this is not a "diet" it's a lifestyle that you can follow long-term.
There are so many tips and tricks with macros that make it easy for you to do and adhere to your specific goal numbers on a daily basis. Having the power placed into your hands gives you all the tools you need to be successful. With that power comes responsibility for what you are eating. I think that is why many popular diets fail you. Instead of teaching you how to control your own personal situation, it just gives you a guideline that has too many restrictions often leading you to be overwhelmed and you don't feel responsible for your nutrition. With that being said, knowing that YOU are responsible also doesn't allow you to point the blame on anyone but you. Which is also terrifying for many.
The goal is to always empower your thinking to want to be better and accept that failure will happen at some point. Failure leads to lessons learned which is a great learning opportunity for you to succeed in the future! If you are ready to take the power into your own hands, contact me today for a free consultation and we can talk about your goals!

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