Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Is nutrient timing necessary

Nutrient timing is knowing what and when to eat before, during and immediately after workouts to maximize performance and recovery. For strength athletes, a good portion of nutrient timing involves eating the majority of your carbs around your workouts.
Nutrient timing is not just for strength athletes, it can be utilized by anyone. You don’t have to be a high-level athlete to be committed to your nutrition or be focused on the details. However, your compliance comes down to how important this is to you.
Some people are type A personalities and need everything to be followed 100% to the T. The people who are paying this much attention to detail will be the ones who will see the best results because they are fitting all the key concepts together for a lager overall goal.There are other people who are just fine with hitting the macro requirements for the day and are happy to be able to do that. Although the results may be a little bit slower, the work is still be put forth and that matters in the long run.
Many of my clients will ask me if nutrient timing has a huge impact on their results. The goal of nutrient timing is to provide optimal recovery and enhance body composition goals by eating at times where your body can utilize the nutrients the best.
Nutrient timing works the best for athletes who are training at a high intensity work capacity. If you have a client that is doing a 3 hour workout and they hit that wall around 2.5 hours they are losing that last half hour of training. But if you can supplement intra workout carbs during the training period, you can offset the wall the hit and they can finish will less fatigue.
Maybe that is not where you are at ( don't worry most of us are not at that level) but you want to focus on your nutrition a little bit more. Here are a few suggestions I can make for you.
1- Focus on your lean protein source at every meal. Be sure to have about 3-4 oz for women and 5-6 oz for men per meal.
2- If you are training later in the day, save most of your carbs for pre and post workout to better fuel your training.
3- Add in intra workout carbs if your training session is longer than 2 hours and you are doing intense training. A good intra workout carb is Glycobomb from Mission6 nutrition.
4- K.I.S.S. Keep it stupid simple  you do not need to make nutrition complicated, you just need to eat right.
Have questions? Need help getting this right to improve your training and gym performance? Let me help guide you with your macros to ensure you are getting everything you need out of the effort you are putting in.

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