Friday, September 22, 2017

Is lack of FOCUS holding you back?

Make the most of your time in the gym by simplifying your training. I see this happen lot of the time while I am working out. Someone comes rolling in with a bag full of gym equipment: knee sleeves, lifters, weight belt, chalk, cell phone and oh wait the cell phone stand to take some awesome selfies, plus some pre workout, well I think I painted a good picture. Then you see them get all dressed, prepared, chalked up and they do their lift, and now we sit and wait for the next set. Meanwhile, that girl over there in the corner with her hoodie up and music going is killing it without hesitation.
Many gym-goers walk around with a similar set up and they wonder why they’re not seeing results. I can give you a few reasons: Lack of direction from a program, too much rest times, too much accessorizing with belts, chalk and other gear, NOT enough actual lifting.
Let's look at some athletes of all disciplines, in which they have one thing in common. they tend to eliminate distractions and fluff when they train. They are working towards a specific purpose, which I think makes it easier to simplify. Ask yourself, "What are you training for"? Choose one workout plan and stick to it for 3-4 weeks. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and scattered when you’re doing a variety of different plans. Pick one, master it, and do it well. Then you can assess your training program to see where you want to move from there.
Invest in a training journal. If you are serious about your training, you will have your plan written down in a training book before going to the gym. You know what you need to execute your plan and where you are going next. Plus you are documenting your training i.e. reps, sets, weight used as a reference point to look back on your training. If you are focused on goals, tracking is important to gauge your success.
When you are setting goals,make sure they align with your lifestyle. Training should be enjoyable and rewarding. If you don’t like cardio try incorporating more circuits, HIIT, or conditioning into your workouts. If you don't like lifting or maybe you just don't know how, hire a trainer or take a group fitness class to learn how to properly handle weights in the weight room.
You need to have a clear vision when you walk into the gym on what you are doing. If you are floundering around to figure it out, you are wasting your time which can be a huge reason your goals are not happening as quickly as you would like. Set some time aside on the weekend to find a program that you will follow and have a plan.
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