Monday, September 4, 2017

How to be confident in the gym!

How to become more confident in the gym? It's intimidating and I do understand that walking into an "unfamiliar" place can make you uneasy and not want to go. I want to help you with some tips and tricks that I have used over the years to get confident walking into the gym and owning your space in there!
#1- Have confidence in your program you are using. If you are not confident in the program and the ability to achieve that goal, of course you might not be as confident in the gym. The key is to understand and be confident in the process. Whether you buy a program from me or get one online, you at least have something tangible to follow. Having the support of a coach to help you navigate the tough issues in training like plateaus, weight loss, weight gain or competing, it's awesome to have someone to talk to.
#2- Buy cute clothes ! Yes, sometimes the outfit makes you feel so much better. I know that when I look good, I also feel good. When I do training and I am just slumming my gym outfit and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, YIKES. Verses the days that I have super cute leggins on and a new top, I feel so much better regardless of the training session I have planned.
#3- Create a killer playlist. Music is super motivating OR it can throw you off. Oh you know, hello spotify advertisement in the middle of the set. Mood killed. If you have an amazing playlist, you will totally catch yourself creating your own energy. When you have a great song come on, PR's happen or maybe you just smile and dance. Whatever floats your boat. But positive energy can drive your workout to the next level.
#4- No one is looking at you. I promise you this. I have been going to the gym for over a decade and honestly, I don't even notice anyone around me. Unless you are trying to create attention, no one really watches you because they are too busy looking at themselves. No one goes to the gym to judge someone else and if you are that person, shame on you. Go in and enjoy improving yourself and don't worry about what others are thinking because they are not worried about what you are doing.
#5- Ask for help if you need it. Lifting heavy and need a spot? Ask someone. If you see a machine you don't know how to use, ask someone. I have never seen anyone in the gym that would blatantly be rude to another person asking for help. The difference is if you are asking them to help you for your entire workout. Instead, just ask a question during their rest period and then move on!
Those are some of my fit tips for gaining confidence in the gym!

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