Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Food is fuel, NOT reward!

Have you heard this phrase: "Earn your food"? I have been hearing more and more clients of mine talking about earning their pizza on a Friday night after a hard workout. You shouldn't have this mindset around the food you eat because well, you don't need a reward for doing something good for your body.

I need to to reroute your thinking to earning your strength in the gym. Without the proper fuel, you are digging yourself into a hole that you might not be able to get out of. If you want a sustainable lifestyle that will unlock your potential and increase your happiness, then you need to prioritize your mind: fuel your body to increase your performance, instead of increasing your performance in order to fuel your body. But this isn't the only bad piece of "training" advice i hear on the daily. Let's look into a few more concepts that I really wish we can change.

Food is fuel,start eating real food and you wont need to pound down caffeine or coffee to get your energy up. Plan your day, plan your meals, and set yourself up for success, not failure. Be smart and fuel your body pre and post workout with complex carbs to make sure you are giving your body energy. I see it so many times where people don't eat anything and then try to train and tank it in the gym. I wonder why? Food is fuel!

Don't use training as your escape goat for bad nutrition. You need to focus on the reason why you workout, to feel / look better. Why are you refueling your body with garbage foods that will do nothing to help you recover or get in better shape? Food quality is just as important as how much of that food you are eating. Don't be fooled by fancy fad diets out there. A cookie is still a cookie event if you are using "natural" ingredients. Eat real food from each spectrum of the food pyramid.

There are enough things in life that will beat you down. You can’t control everything. So control what you can: your attitude. Set yourself up for success by adopting a mindset that will lead to success. Make smart, healthy choices. And if you veer off your path? Correct your course, and get back on the right path. Don’t earn your food in the gym. Perform in the gym. Fuel your body for life, and go kick some butt.

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