Friday, September 8, 2017

#1 Reason you are NOT losing weight !

The number 1 reason your not losing weight is not what you might think it is. This question has been brought to my attention too many times from clients who are just disgusted and ready for an answer. Brace yourself because the answer might shock you as to why you are not losing weight.
You might be following a "diet" right now, eating all the right things, following your training program. not skipping your recovery and yet you are still unhappy with your body composition. It’s frustrating, stressful and really damn hard being on a diet and it’s 10 times worse when that diet isn’t working.
So, why aren’t you seeing better results? The answer is: you’re dieting too much.
Yes, that’s a thing. And, yes, it’s incredibly common (particularly among females). Chronic dieting not only doesn’t work, it can have serious mental, physical and emotional side effects. The truth is, there are actually times when it’s beneficial to not worry about dieting, to give yourself that break.If you’re in a constant calorie restriction it’s probably a big factor (if not THE only factor) as to why you aren’t reaching your goals. You’re also setting yourself up for injury, adding a ton of stress and not hitting your true strength potential.
I deal with this issue on a day to day basis with clients. 9/10 times when I have a new client after reviewing what they are eating from their food journal, is reverse dieting. By reverse dieting we are going to start adding in more food very slowly and building up your caloric intake. ( Fear strikes many when I say MORE food ) Why wouldn't you want more food? Isn't that the point of everything in life. To eat good food and NOT gain weight?
Ask yourself this, is your current "diet" working? Oh it's not... hmmm i wonder if the reason is because you have been yo-yo dieting for so long that your body is holding onto fat for dear life because it doesn't know when it will be fed properly again. Do you feel like binge eating often? Another red flag goes up that you are not eating enough. Binge eating is your body telling you I need food and I need it now so feed me.
Your nutrition should follow your training and your training has periods of strength and cardio. I know you hear people saying they are "bulking" in the winter and then get "shredded" for the summer. It's because when you are bulking you need more food to help build more muscle. Then in the spring you start to decrease food intake and shed some fat getting your summer bod. No one diets 24/7 and if you do, you are most likely having a yo-yo diet in which you do good for a few months then fall off the wagon hard core and then you find another "diet" to start.
If you are tired of this cycle and you want to start seeing changes, let me help you with your nutrition and training program to get you the results you want to see. If you are serious about apply the principles of how fat loss, muscle gain, and reverse dieting works, and you trust that I will guide you the results you want, why wouldn't you try? I mean you put your trust into an infomercial and bought some 9.99 program granting you results in 30 days only to be disappointed that it didn't do any of that.
I am here for coaching and support. Contact me today and let's get started. Or maybe you have a friend that might want the help, share this with them. At least you are giving someone the option to change their life!

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