Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why should you incorporate strength training ?

Strength is the foundation that all other qualities of fitness are built on. It’s your most powerful tool. Far too often I hear women who don't want to strength train in fear they will become bulky and "look" like a bodybuilder. That is one very false misconception because the female body doesn't have enough testosterone to increase muscle mass like a male unless supplements are taken for the specific reason of gaining muscle.

With every client I meet, I do preach the benefits of strength training that go far beyond cosmetics. You should be performing some type of strength training routine at least 3 times a week for overall muscular development which will make your daily living easier.

Here’s why it’s so integral to every part of your performance, looks and well being.
-Strength training can help combat aging. A lack of strength and muscle mass has a direct correlation to early mortality. By becoming physically stronger you are increasing your metabolic rate and helps to prevent injury. It may even help to reverse conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Plus you will have the strength to do the things in life that for some is a huge struggle, like getting up from a chair or carrying in your groceries.
-As you age your posture and movement start to become stagnant. Do you notice how our jobs are from a chair that we barely move from, then get into a car to sit down again and home to eat/ watch TV, relax and go to bed? Not a whole lot is done standing or moving which leads to atrophy of those muscles. It's important to be strengthening your core and posterior chain to keep your body strong to be able to move efficiently.
-Notice that you are tripping over things more often? Getting older means you are not as agile as you once were. This means you need to work on your coordination just as much as getting stronger. With weight training you develop a cognitive awareness of things around you and how your body works as a whole. Strength training with compound movements improve coordination, stability, power, strength, and speed.

If you still need some convincing, strength training makes you more confident and helps give you shape that you are looking for !

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