Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why am I still not losing weight ?

Why are you not losing weight? Well your eating too much. Weight loss is really simple, if you eat MORE than you are burning, you will gain weight. If you eat LESS than your body needs you will lose weight which is a caloric deficit.

Even when you are "eating healthy" you may just be eating too much. The fact remains: You’re not losing body fat because in one way or another, whether you realize it or not: you’re eating more than you think are even when you think you aren’t.

Starvation mode also known as metabolic damage, is the idea that if you eat too little an amount of calories for an extended period of time, your body stops burning fat; in fact, it starts doing the opposite you start gaining weight ‘even when consuming 800 calories’. Sound familiar? This happened to me at one point when i was trying to get lean for a show. My body was like NOPE we are not going to allow you to lose weight and we will keep you "fluffy" until you feed me.

When you reduce calories, more specifically as you begin to get leaner, there is, in fact, some slowing of metabolic rate.As you start to lose body fat and weight, there’s less of you. This ‘lessness’ means your body doesn’t require as many calories to keep you alive. This is known as metabolic adaptation. This is where MOST of you are living right now. That place where you can't lose wight but your not eating a ton and feel stuck. Well your body got so good at working at that low calorie consumption it figured out how to keep you alive.

The biggest advice that I can give you is to start paying attention to what you are eating. IF you are not eating enough and you are not losing weight, maybe this is a good time to rethink your plan. Take the chance and try to increase your metabolism by working with a coach who can fix this issue slowly without excess weight gain. If you are not tracking your food intake how can you make changes in the right direction with your metabolism?

Take control of your health and learn what can improve your health!

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