Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What I "wish" I knew before I started weight training!

There are some things I really wish I knew BEFORE I started to weight train.

All the days spent worrying how I looked should have been focused on how I performed.

I wish I learned the important lesson that food is fuel for muscles and to get stronger you need to eat more real food.

Carbs are NOT the devil, they are fuel for performance. If training better is a goal, moving more, feeling better and enjoying life, eat carbs to support training but not in excess.

Your extra body fat is actually doing you some good. Those squats need bracing from your core, your arms lift barbells over your head and your legs move you from one place to another. How can you not learn to love and appreciate what they do for you right now?

I wish I knew that you can't out train a bad diet just as much as you can't out train poor recovery. All the years spent with a do or die mindset set me up for some moments of failure and injury.

Missing a work out doesn't mean you failed. Same thing goes if you didn't do as well this week as you did last week. Learn to listen to your body and the cues that it's giving you so that you are a smarter athlete.

I wish people would understand how amazing and empowering it feels to hold a barbell on your back and squat.

I wish more women would stop wanting to be skinny and frail but would embrace your body for what it can do and all the amazing things it already does.

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