Friday, August 4, 2017

Take care of you mind and body!

If you eat right, workout out regularly and live a semi-healthy lifestyle there might be one thing missing in your life. What are you doing to protect your mind and soul from the outside life of disturbances? Meditation is one aspect that can be looked over quiet frequently because it doesn't seem necessary.
Your body is a temple and you treat it as such by fueling it with nutrition, keeping it strong and agile with exercise, and nurturing it with rest and serenity when it’s time to recharge. Many people think meditation is a practice used solely to still the mind.A better way to think of it is as exercise for the mind, body, emotions and nervous system. Not all meditation practices are equal. In fact, there are many types of meditation that offer different benefits. The key is to pick the form of meditation that creates the results you seek.
There are meditation practices that are great for moving from a fear-based emotional state to a love-based state like love, joy or compassion, anchoring love-based experiences so they are more prevalent in your day-to-day life. Some forms can significantly decrease stress and anxiety, while others help create emotional stability.Other meditation practices have been shown to have a physical, epigenetic benefit by turning on the genes for disease prevention and turning off the genes for disease causation. Some meditation practices have even been shown to reduce symptoms of breathing disorders such as asthma and shortness of breath.
Meditation can be categorized in five ways: mindfulness, mantra, breathing, awareness and moving meditation.
-Mindfulness meditation techniques are used to train the mind and emotion to work on your behalf.
-Mantra meditation — in which you recite a phrase over and over to help still and focus the mind — also can be effective in activating or inducing higher states of experience such as a deep sense of peace or relaxation.
-There are a family of breathing techniques that can produce shifts in the body, oxygenate the system, and diminish or eliminate disorders tied to stress and anxiety.
- Awareness meditation is a form of meditation in which a practitioner will engage in different mental focus techniques or other strategies designed to create greater personal awareness.
-Moving meditation techniques include practices such as qigong and tai chi in which you combine movement and breathing in a specific way to train the nervous system, relax the body and induce a state of well-being.
Think of a meditation practice as though you were going to start an eating plan or exercise regimen.Consistency is key, but if you miss a session, just pick it back up without being hard on yourself. If you do it at the same time and in the same place every day, the nervous system actually activates in anticipation and facilitates a deeper mediation. Similarly, if you go to the gym on a consistent basis, your body and mind prepares themselves in response to being in the gym.

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