Monday, August 21, 2017

Make recovery a priority !

We all know diet and training are important, but did you know that recovery is just as if not MORE important?

Here are some simple tips/reminders to help ensure you're recovering properly from your training. If you train your butt off, be sure you're doing what it takes outside of the gym to match your hard work inside the gym.

Sleep enough
-Sleep is important for recovery in so many ways. When you sleep your body is recovering from your day, stress, and training. When sleep is not optimal, neither is your training or your daily energy. When you are tired, your body searches for energy and will crave food for fuel. Ever wonder why you are hungry for carbs when you are tired? Aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

-Did you know many people are under eating? Yes UNDER eating. It sounds funny when you think about it and when I talk to many women we look at your food journal. The biggest issue I see is a lack of calories in which your metabolism adapted to the low caloric intake and stops reducing fat loss. This is the opposite of what many people want to happen. If you are training make sure you are eating enough carbs to refuel your muscles.

Don't over train
-There is a thing called too much of a good thing. Anything that is in excess is not balanced. If you are over training you are not allowing your body to recover optimally. If you are seeing symptoms of over training such as lack of energy during daily activities, insomnia, depression, anxiety or lack of motivation to train, you might be under recovering. Try to scale back on training and increase your food intake !

Do things that you enjoy
-Get out of the gym and PLAY. I can't express this enough that getting out of the gym and playing is a great way to deload your body and mind !

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