Friday, August 11, 2017

Is diet soda really bad for you ?

Is diet soda really bad for you?

MOST IMPORTANT -anyone who says diet soda is 100% safe OR 100% unsafe is full of marshmallows. Truth is, research is still preliminary & as of right now we don't know what the long-term effects will be. It could be 100% totally fine (which is what current research points to) but it could also not be. Be open minded to the various possibilities & let the best, science based data tell us what's actually going on.
Diet soda might have some positive things going on:

-There are currently ZERO human studies showing an increased risk of cancer.
-There is NO research that diet soda will make you gain weight or hold onto fat.
-Diet soda cannot trick your brain into thinking that it craves sugar.
-it may decrease your hunger but that's largely due to the fluid & carbonation, not because of anything special with diet soda.

On the negative side for diet soda:
-Research is fairly new so we don't know the long term effects of drinking diet soda.
-It can cause headaches
-It can stain your teeth
-Can cause you to feel hungrier than usual due to lack of nutrients.
With anything that doesn't have a lot of research, you should take that into your own research. No one can make the decisions for you when it comes to your health. Learn to take the time to research for your own knowledge.

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