Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is bloating normal?

Is bloating normal?
You can work extremely hard day after day towards getting a flat and defined stomach, yet that look can be completely erased when a small amount of bloating takes place. Learning what causes you to bloat and then taking steps to control this is one of the best ways to battle bloating.
First off ask yourself this, when did you have your last bowel movement? This is one of the major issues when bloating occurs. Your body needs to help release those toxins and have proper bowel movements. How can you increase this? Increase your fiber intake. If you are not eating enough fibrous veggies you might not be allowing your body to pass all the waste through.
You should be taking in about 25-30 grams of fiber intake a day from whole natural foods. The best foods are leafy greens,fruit and even some flax seed to your diet. If you are still having some issues add in a fiber supplement at night before you go to bed will help you with getting your body into a regular bowel routine.
Too much fiber is also a problem! Have you check the back of some of those pre-packeaged protein bars? Some of them have 13 grams of fiber in this little serving. Your body will not be able to break that down in the proper way which can cause bloating and gas.
Soda and artificial sweeteners are two bit culprits of gas and bloating. Diet soda is something that many people indulge in because it's sweet and virtually calorie free, right ? Well no, just because it contains no calories does not mean it will have no impact on how your body handles it. The carbonation in diet soda often causes bloating or what I call "bubble gut" when you drink it almost immediately. Remember to consider any products that may have additional added sweeteners as well such as chewing gum, hard candies, flavored water beverages, and any sweet tasting products that are referred to as being 'low carb'. The chances are high that they've had sweeteners added to them.
Finally, the last way to help beat the bloat is to add more activity to your day. Those who are exercising on a regular basis will help reduce the amount of water retention they experience and salt will be lost through the process of sweating.Bloating can be a very frustrating thing if you are experiencing it and don't know the cause. In a matter of an hour it can seem to undo all the hard work you've put in at the gym and soon your pants aren't even fitting right. Take some time and try to identify what causes issues with your own body. Know what works and doesn't work for your body!

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