Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to spot a weight loss "scam" !

How to spot a fat loss scam.Truth is, there's a whole lot of good in the fitness industry. A ton of amazing coaches and people who truly have your best interest at heart and want nothing more than to help you succeed. However on the flip side there are also a whole lot of people wanting to make a quick buck off of those who feel "desperate" to make a change in their lifestyle.
Here's what's important to remember - the "best" way to eat or exercise doesn't sound amazing or fantastical or sexy or unique or special. The "best" way to lose fat is simple, straightforward, basic, and practical.
**To lose weight: Eat REAL food, in the right quantities, mostly plant based. Add in physical activity on most days of the week for 30-60 min of moderate intensity.
^^^^^^^^ That is your secret ! ^^^^^^^^^
So why is it so hard ? It's not easy,fat loss is a challenging process but it is simple. And anyone who makes you think it's outrageously complex but their "amazing product" will make it fast and probably trying to wrap their fingers around your cash. I have seen this time and time again!
Your best bet? Trust your gut. If it sounds too good to be true it is. And when in doubt, get help from someone who proves they have your best interest at heart. Did they take the time to talk to you personally? Did they assess your current situation and what you are doing now? Are they making sure the program will fit your lifestyle? If not, they are handing you a cookie cutter plan that everyone will get in exchange for $$$.
Here are some catchphrases to keep an eye out for and then avoid :
-Fast, Easy, Effortless
-30 days or less
-New and Revolutionized Secret formula
-Trick your metabolism
-Eat whatever you want and lose weight
-Cutting out food groups
Don't be fooled by the above words. Losing weight takes time and effort. If you want to get more information on how you can lose weight the right way and keep it off, let's talk! Contact me today for nutrition/ training consults that will get you the body you want with hard work and effort put forth!

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