Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to make training more effective!

Variety is the spice of life. Why wouldn't your training be treated the same way. Look around the gym next time you are there at all the people you have seen for YEARS there that look the same. Maybe they are faithful to the treadmill or a spin class every day which is amazing however, body composition hasn't changed even with the workouts they are doing daily.
Many clients I work with come from this mindset of training, If I overeat, I can train the next day and hopefully "burn" it off. Here is the problem with training the same way every day, your body is going to get used to it and then stop working as hard because it doesn't need to!
I have gotten stuck in this paradox before. It always seemed like I would get great results in the beginning and then the plateau would hit. It's frustrating and discouraging but there are many ways to go about fixing this issue. So why do we continue to do the same exercise and even more when we are not getting any better results and we also feel like a slave to it?
The first reason is because we tend to choose the devil we know over the devil we don’t. The mind is funny thing, we prefer to continue to doing something in the face of it not working, but that we’re comfortable with, then try something new that’s a little uncertain. Isn't that the truth? How many of you will continue to do the SAME thing over and over again expecting something different to happen? This plays into nutrition too. You don't want to change what you are eating or doing for your diet but you are not seeing any changes or results. What is stopping you? Most likely it's fear of what "might" go wrong, instead of the endless possibilities of what can go amazingly right!
The second reason is the calorie model of training / nutrition is so integrated deep into our mindset. Sure you might be on the treadmill for an hour but what were you doing? Were you mindlessly walking? Reading a magazine? OR, were you pushing the limits of your threshold and training for maximal effort? Which in that case, 1 hour wouldn't last. Thinking that all exercise is created equal is the first mistake that people make.More is not better, better is better.
So here is how to make training more effective:
-Short duration with increased intensity. A 60 minute workout can sometimes be the last thing on your mind after a busy day at work. So instead, maximize your training by doing a short but physically taxing workout.
-Eat protein. If you want to build lean muscle mass, make sure you are eating adequate amounts of protein. This can come from a variety of sources so get creative!
-Rest/ recovery is just as important as training. You place a stress on the body when you train. It causes inflammation to build up and your body needs the time to rest and repair to make you stronger. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and implementing other stress-reducing activities (massage, hot baths, meditation, journaling, orgasm, reading, etc.) is important. Not to mention taking days off!
-Intensity is the key to your training. Make sure that you are working out with purpose. If you don't have a plan, I can create one for you to follow that will give you guidance and direction in the gym. In general, you want to think about intensity in two ways: level of breathlessness and level of muscular demand/exertion. You can reach muscle failure without getting breathless, and you can get out of breath without feeling any muscle exertion.
-Nutrition, yes nutrition is important ! Your diet (not meal-plan diet, but literally the way you eat) needs to support your movement. More intense exercise will require diligent repletion. Protein is important for muscle maintenance, but a full range of healthy fats and starches are needed to refuel, keep the metabolism at full responsiveness, and help with vitamin and mineral absorption.
-Train with weights and don't fear getting too big, because you won't.It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 70, weight training is important. You want to have progressive overload on your muscle in order to grow and create change. Building a base of strength primes neuromuscular movement patterns, changes the shape of the body and allows for you to add weight safely over time.Your body responds when you challenge it 
Use these tips to really amp up your training sessions. I am here to help guide you so feel free to ask any questions that you need help with !

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