Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Detoxes are NOT necessary, here's why!

What happens when your body is just not working as properly as it should? Maybe it's over a holiday weekend and you are bloated from all the foods that your not used to. Or maybe you are starting a new "nutrition" program and you want to start nice and fresh. With the popularity of juice cleanses on the market and the enticing idea of losing 10 pounds in 7 days who wouldn't jump on that opportunity?
Bottom Line: You shouldn’t detox and here is why !
Wondering why detoxes seem to work? Well, if it’s an empty bowel and weight loss you’re after a super low calorie diet mixed with laxatives will temporarily do the trick. You’ll never be able to sustain the “detox” diet long-term so once you go back to your regular routine, you gain the weight back and then feel blah all over again!
Instead, try this! Learn how to eat for your metabolism and take in just the right amount of calories for your body. Primarily choose high quality, nutrient rich foods. Consistently eat clean foods and you won’t have to even worry about “detoxing.” FYI: your liver really does take care of you. You’re best detox defense is a good offense. Don’t eat the garbage, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, and dyes to begin with.
Here are natural ways to cleanse your body.
Eat green leafy veggies often because they are your most natural multi-vitamin. Green veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals, specifically iron and folate, which help to build the immune system and are great body cleansers.
Increase your fiber intake daily. Most people are not eating enough fiber. You should be consuming around 25-30 grams of fiber per day. Having regular bowel movements is also important to consider. Part of the reason you are bloated may simply be because your body is not releasing the toxins that are built up.
Avoid any unnatural, processed sugars at all costs. For sweetness, stick to fruits, sweeter vegetables, and other natural sources like honey, agave nectar and coconut sugar. All that artificial stuff will just leave you feeling run-down, bloated and sluggish. Artificial sugars are hidden into things especially when it comes to "protein bars", zero calorie drinks and fake foods that have no nutritional value.
Movement is key !Sweating is the body’s way of removing toxins. Along with cooling the body down, the sweat we produce has lots of toxins and salts we don’t need to hold onto. Plus, movement helps improve your metabolism and can help you be regular in the bathroom !
Heed my advice and you will not have to buy into those fake cleanses that make you starve yourself for 4 days in order to feel "cleaned out". Instead, you should just eat right and exercise. Sounds like a lot of the same things I preach daily !

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