Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cardio or weights? Which is better for the body you want!

Do you think cardio is the best way to lose weight and get the tight and toned body you are looking for ? You might want to rethink that for a second and read the rest of this. I too fell into the cardio harder trap. I thought if I just did hours of cardio ( talk about wasting a WHOLE lot of time) that my body would look the way I desired. Well it didn't and in fact it took me farther away from what i truly wanted!

Cardio is a great way to supplement your training but it shouldn't be the basis of your training program. Check out all the other cool things you can be doing instead of cardio that will get your workout in faster and will get you closer to the body you desire!

#1 Calories in vs. calories out is the key to weight loss. However, your diet is the foundation before any type of training is even factored in. If you are eating right for your body then adding in exercise, you will see results. You can't out train a bad diet!

#2 Muscle burns more calories at rest. Weight training or resistance training is important to your lean muscle gains. A 30-minute jog will net you about 200 calories burned. A workout of the same duration centered around resistance training, while burning fewer calories in the moment, will ultimately have more of an impact. Adding more muscle to your frame means increasing your caloric expenditure throughout the day, even at rest.

#3 Endless cardio makes you HANGRY ~ yes hungry and angry. If you are constantly burning your carbs you will be hungrier than usual and trying to fight that urge is hard. Especially when people have the mindset of "I earned it" after a hard workout. Don't forget that maintaining the same energy balance on the tough workout days and non workout days are equally important. You don't want to have a killer workout then take a nap midday because you are still negating those efforts.

#4 Physical activity is everywhere so take advantage of it. Park farther from your work place. Take a midday lunch walk. Even get up and deliver a message vs. email. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), are all the things we do daily that are movement but not classified as exercise.

if your goal is to lose some pounds, you might want to think twice before increasing your cardio. Instead, try adding some weight training to your fitness regime,clean up your diet and consider your all-day activity levels a very important part of the overall equation.

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