Thursday, August 3, 2017

10 Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery Shopping Quick Tips !

If you are like me, grocery shopping is more stressful than ANYTHING in this world. Which is why I have my hubby do it and well it saves me my sanity 
A lot of you have questions and ask me about all the confusing labels on packaging like, “all natural,” “whole grain,” “low fat” and “organic.” Below I wrote some simple tips for you to follow when grocery shopping to make sure you stay on track with your goals!

#1- Create a grocery list BEFORE you go based on your meal plan for the week. If you are not already planning in advanced what you are going to eat, this is where you might be making that small mistake of buying whatever looks good. Be focused and go in for what you need.

#2 -Only allow yourself 15 minutes max to grocery shop! I know it sounds funny, but the quicker you shop, the less likely you are to browse and be tempted to just meander the isle and look at the foods that appear to be good vs. foods that you need for your meal prep.

#3- Read the food labels and pay attention to a few key things:
Avoid the following:
-high-fructose corn syrup
-"enriched" anything
-hydrogenated oils

#4- Pay attention to the ingredient list. Did you know they put them on there from the most used ingredient to the least used. So if one of the first ingredients is sugar, brown rice syrup, enriched flour, etc, it’s not the best option. I don’t care if the package says “All Natural,” “Organic” or “Low Fat”!

#5- Make sure you buy healthy fat options like coconut oil, almond or nut butter, and avocados.

#6- Stick to the perimeter of the store. All the good for you food is on the end where it is perishable and in coolers. Avoid the dessert, candy, alcohol and snack aisles if you can! Ice cream and cookies will NOT help you toward your goals. Get in and get out!

#7- If you can, stick to fresh, grass-fed, hormone-free, uncooked, organic meat over anything pre-packaged in order to avoid excess salt and fillers. When in doubt, check the ingredients!

#8- For carbs, stick to old-fashioned oats, not the pre-packaged kind with sugar. ** Pro tip- portion them out into individual bags if you like that convenience ! Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cream of rice and bananas are also great! Don't forget that fruit and veggies are carbs too! Stock up on fresh fruit that is in season to snack on or carrots for that crunch!

#9- If you want to get organic fruits, be sure to check out the dirty dozen and clean 15 list. Some are not worth buying the organic version because you are peeling off the harsh layer. <--- see link

#10- take a photo of your cart and send it to your trainer ! LOL yup I have clients do this all the time. If you didn't want me to see it then it shouldn't be in there in the first place. Keep yourself accountable. Make sure you have a lot of fresh foods, a lot of colors and plenty of healthy options to eat for the week!

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