Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tracking Progress

What does progress really look like? What is your own definition of progress? Are you willing to take the time to implement something new into your life even if it may not be convenient for you in the moment?
I always like to start with a simple question: What do you want? Really ask yourself in detail what you want? Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Perform better? Compete in a competition? Live a healthy lifestyle? If you can answer this question we now can move onto step two.
Making a plan for that goal. If I want to run a marathon, I wouldn't think of just get up the day of the event and do it with the expectations of doing well. No, I would have a plan of action to lead me to that goal. That means that I would have someone who knows what they are doing with training and consult in their expertise. If your goal is weight loss, knowing where you are at right now with your training, lifestyle, and diet all goes into consideration when making a macro prescription. Here's the catch, its a guess and it will always just be a very good educated guess from the data you gave to me.
Why is it a guess ? It's constant and ongoing when it comes to training and nutrition. Think of a training program that you do for the rest of your life? Would you see the same results from the first time you did it? Knowing your body adapts to changes, it would adapt to that change and now it just does the work without expending more energy. Same thing goes for nutrition. Sure we can start you off in one place but eventually your goals will change and so does your nutrition to meet those goals!
Here's the fun part, ASSESSMENT ! Do you assess yourself daily? Do you document changes to your training, sleep, energy, hunger and weight? If you are already working with me you know that this is something we look at as an overall trend in your assessment for the week. If your weight is staying the same but your sleeping better, that is a HUGE improvement. Many people get stuck on that scale number and it's simply just a tool. Weight changes are NORMAL. Yes they are normal and they will happen often.
Consider this:
• We drink different amounts of water daily
• We have different stressors daily
• We sleep a different number of minutes/hours nightly
• We consume different totals of sodium/potassium daily
• We poop different amounts daily (yes i just went there)
• The number of calories burned from exercise is different daily
Instead of being so concerned with the number on the scale, learn to assess yourself on the daily. Are you making better food choices? Are you tracking your food intake regularly? Are you pre-planning your meals so you can make sure you hit your numbers? Did all of this become easier when you became consistent?
I wish that I could tell you that the number on the scale is not a huge representation of your life, so I want you to dig deeper to find that out for yourself ! Be a detective and start to take ownership over your life with the simple choices you make each day!

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