Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The gym is EASY, the other 23 hours a day is what is hard!

Training isn't really that hard but nutrition sure is. The biggest setback isn't getting to the gym for your workout or even putting in the effort at the gym, no it's actually the 23 hours following the gym that are hard !! Nutrition is no joke. It can make or break your success and if you have the wrong mindset about it, you might just be setting yourself up for failure from the beginning.

Food is _____________( you can add your word here ). Many people have an emotional attachment to food. From parties, cookouts, entertainment, success: You name it, food is there to help you along the way. No wonder it's so hard for me to teach people how to break out of this habit!

Our culture is obsessed with food; Social media brings this huge highlight to un-healthy foods that now are revived into "healthy-ish" renditions to become appeasing to the world. Truth is, food is science! From a purely scientific and physiological standpoint, food intake is all chemistry and biology.Nutrition on the smallest scale to teach is simply adding a base (food) to a solution (your body) in a chemistry lab and seeing the response (gaining muscle, losing fat, slowing metabolism, accumulating fat, improved/declining blood profile, etc.).

Did you follow that? The food you choose to eat, is an experiment to see how your body responds. In essence, what you is is now what you become! It would be logical to also choose the most nutrient-dense food sources since our bodies not only need the energy (calories) from foods, but also vitamins and minerals for optimal, efficient health, function and productivity.

Here is the catch 22: Eating food can have little to do with being truly are hungry and even less to do with what our bodies actually need. When your brain starts thinking about food and all the things you’d like to eat, is your body truly in need of energy and/or nourishment? How can you tell the difference between true hunger and “false” hunger?
The difference lies in your appetite as opposed to your hunger..To put it very simply, with hunger you eat due to a physical need, with appetite/craving, you eat for enjoyment.In addition to eating for enjoyment, here are a few other reasons for a false sense of hunger, or “appetite” occurs.

-Stress. Funny how this works in our lives: You have a bad day, you eat until you don't feel bad about your day but now you feel bad about yourself. HMMMM self sabotage don't you think? And now we are all guilty of this issue, myself included. But why? Oh because we are trying to block out an emotion we just don't want to deal with.
-Tired/Fatigue. Sleep or lack there of, can cause your hunger cues to be messed up. If you don't get enough sleep, your body will cue you to eat more because you need the energy.No amount of calories will solve your exhaustion if what you need is sleep.
-Bored/ Habit. The first thing I like to correct with my clients is to help them identify habits in their daily routine. Many people don't even realize they have habits created that they do daily from just being bored or not thinking about it, because it's routine. Stop and ask yourself this: Iif what you are eating is truly nourishing to
your body, or if you are craving it because you developed a habit of eating it and now you legitimately feel like you need to eat this food?

If you are eating for a specific body composition transformation goal, prepping to lean out for a competition, training in the “offseason” to build more muscle, or tackling any other type of specific body re-composition goal, it may require you to eat more or less than your body is accustomed to.

There is always an adjustment period of either feeling like you can’t eat the amount of food required to achieve the goal, or you have to eat more often than you normally do when you aren’t hungry. In these specific instances, you are “re-training” your body’s hunger signals to adjust to a new eating schedule, whether it is more or less than what your body is use to.

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