Monday, July 3, 2017

Motivate others to succeed!

Be motivation for others, but do not judge their journey.
I wanted to write something a little bit more personal which will be a one time a week thing. I hope to help inspire people and help you along your own journey by sharing some of my own experiences, my failures, and what I feel can help others.
I try to be a part of many different fitness communities. I want to be well versed in all things so i can use that experience to help others. I have learned a lot of things by working within bodybuilding ( physique training), CrossFit, Powerlifting, Group fitness classes, spin.. basically i tried it all with the sole purpose of learning. One of my biggest strengths as a coach /trainer is having a lot of experiences to share. I try not to have a biased approach to any fitness domain of choice which allows me to really help tap in and help my clients crossover into a lot of different avenues they might have not thought of.
I have been sucked into the judgement mindset before. When you are doing a specific sport, you almost look at other sports with a judgement mindset. Yes I even dabbled into a lot of other sports and the judgement is passed on from community to community. I experienced it first hand. Why would I even want to try other sports if each community was judgmental of the other? Well for me its to start to create awareness that ALL fitness should be related to one another and finally this is starting to catch on!
From experiences, being within a group of people who all do the same thing creates a family vibe yet just like family there is drama. Each fitness domain has a very specific mindset of what is "right" to them and it's hard to be the black sheep in the group, yet I always found myself doing just that. When training bodybuilding, I would dabble into CrossFit, then in CrossFit I did Powerlifting. I always wanted something different. Maybe it's because I don't like fitting in or maybe it's to try to allow people to have an open mind when they train that there is SO much more out there.
Here is my advice, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. It's so easy to get sucked into falling into a group of people who start to judge others. I can bet you that once you reach that "goal" you are striving for it's not going to even satisfy you! Humans by nature are never satisfied. Start to look towards the outside of your passions. Is what you are doing making an impact on those around you? Are you living your life for you or for the sake of impressing others? If you don't take the time to really deeply understand your reason for your being, what are you trying to prove?
Lately, this has been my conversation with myself. Yes I was judgmental of many things. Fear was also part of that judgement that I wasn't good enough to compete so I would just make an assumption and move onto something else. I have found peace within myself to start doing things for me. Yes I love training. Yes I enjoy inspiring others however I do those things for me. Find your purpose and relish in that feeling.What good does it do if we die with only self-serving accomplishments? I can guarantee to you that very few will remember how many powerlifting meets you won or how many pro cards you had. Instead, they will remember the impact you may have had on them personally.
My goal is to help others live a life that is to their highest potential of living. We are not here to judge others but to help encourage others to be better. Instead of living with a close minded view of the people around you, reach out and start to have conversations and make relationships. Serve each other and learn to build a life that will help you flourish and grow as an individual.
Find your purpose and then help others to find theirs !

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