Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July !

Happy 4th of July ! Holiday's are fun but they can also turn into a Holi-week and if you are not careful a month of excuses because YOLO!

So having a “battle plan” along with a little willpower and self-control will help you survive all the festivities without throwing all of your hard work out the window. Here's how:

-Don't skip your workout. Actually on holiday's it's a great time to get in the gym and train because you have the time without the hustle to get  in and out. Start your day off right by hitting the gym early then enjoy the rest of the day!

-Plan your day before it happens. If you know you are going to a cookout at 2pm, don't go there starving from the entire morning. Have a protein filled breakfast such as egg whites and veggies then go to the party. If you are starving, chances are you will eat everything you see.

-Bring a dish you know that YOU can enjoy and know how to track it. Sure I am lame, I track my food even at events but that's just how I function. I like to bring something that I know what is in it so I can enjoy the party too. Also, having a food allergy I am cautious about those things too!

-There will be temptation at the party from food, drinks and friends. You have the choice to eat the food, drink the alcohol or just say no. Remember that you are in control of you. If you have a lifestyle that many people don't understand, like eating healthy or working out for a goal, it can get difficult to navigate if you don't just say no from the beginning.

-Pack some snacks that you enjoy. I have protein powder and rice cakes in my car all the time haha. It's because I know I can figure out a meal if I need to.

As always enjoy your day of food, fun, and festivities ! 

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