Monday, July 17, 2017

Glass half full or empty ?

Are you an optimist or pessimist? For many of us, when life is going peachy keen we are all about those positive vibes, yet when we are down, we are DOWN and nothing seems to work right. How many average people are there in this world? How many extraordinary people are there? You can figure that one out pretty quick. I would assume that you are wanting to strive for greatness !

One thing I find far too often is that in YOUR journey you are tying to be like someone else in their journey. If you are focusing too much to be like someone else are you really putting in your best effort to be the best that YOU can be? Once you recognize that, you let go of that limitation and move forward with your life and what YOU are capable of doing. I fall into this trap often because I look at people on social media that I want to be like yet for some reason, I fall short. Or maybe, just maybe, that is not the path that I am supposed to be on!

There is too much pessimism in the world. Unfortunately it's coming from the average that are "striving" for something they are not. Therefore they are not reaching their own full potential. I’m not saying that being average is bad either, not everyone wants to be extraordinary, but if you do, you better be willing to put yourself through some hell and be happy about it. It's important to know that you can be positive and come out the of the other side of darkness. Many people would choose to just give up and they are right there!

Know how to take your losses and turn them into something amazing. The worst thing you can do is just sit around and dwell on the fact that your life is not like those you see. Well guess what? It's not going to be anything like their journey! You need to love your good days twice as much as you hate your bad days.You will have bad days, that is a guarantee and there is no escaping it, but how will you react to it? Those small decisions is what helps the extraordinary people cross the veil from being someone they really don’t want to be. Pessimism is easy, optimism is hard.

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