Monday, June 12, 2017

Your "diet" SUCKS !

Is being on a "diet" keeping you unfulfilled ? always having to be “on a plan” is a trap.

In my opinion being on a plan is a crutch. Why ? Because you never learn how to do it on your own. Many people go from expert to expert, diet book after diet book, looking for that perfect meal plan. They hire coach after coach thinking, “This will be the one, finally!” and they always end up feeling let down and defeated.

Here's what happens and I have fell into this cycle as well. You have a coach and feel like they don't understand you. From here you start blaming yourself for not having enough discipline for being in control of your program. Now the fear of failure and embarrassment sets in. It's not YOU its your approach that sucks! Guess what? I have been there and done that. Even when i was relying on myself to do my nutrition, I would find that I seconded guess every single decision that I needed to make for myself out of fear? Well I would just abort mission and go back to old habits that didn't really change much in the first place. BUT, they were safe !

Why does dieting from a meal plan method fail? At some point you need to do it yourself ! There will be a point in time where you will need to figure it out on your own. From my viewpoint, I don't want to feel fearful of not being able to go out with my friends or to eat a meal that isn't 100% accurate. Learning how to do this on your own is a great skill!

Do you know what works? Trial and error. Yup, there isn't a magical formula, there isn't a specific program that will get you shredded. It just takes time and learning your body. The biggest take away, don't be afraid to mess up. We all make mistakes and guess what, you can just diet some weight off. Sure don't go off the deep end and blow it out of the water and not recognize what is happening but be critical and be able to evaluate your progress.

Having a goal is great, but knowing that your goal can be extended or shortened is also a benefit for lifelong learning !

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