Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Workout tips for GAINS

Best workout tips for you to get GAINS !
-Train your muscles more frequently. Unless you are specifically training for a body building competition, doing an upper push, lower body and upper pull split might be more effective for hitting those muscles more frequently !

- Consistency is KEY ! The best program is the one you are going to do most often. Don't become sidetracked with the latest and greatest workout plan. You need to be in the gym consistently in order for the results to happen!

-Mobility work is important just like lifting. Your body needs to be taken care of in a way that you can use if for a long time. Don't allow yourself to get stiff from training. Take rest days and work on the mobility aspect of your training.

-Train your glutes and build a powerhouse booty. Yes your legs are important to your training. if you want to have a stronger deadlift and squat you need to train your glutes. Not to mention you will fill out your pants nicely!

- Along with glute work is posterior chain work. Having a strong backside from your back to the bottom of your legs will help you in everything you do in life!

-Time under tension for muscle growth. If you want to have bigger muscles, spend more time with the weights. Do a lot of drop sets in your training. Add in work that challenges your muscles to grow!

-Metcon work to finish it off !! Get your body moving and moving with speed. Do EMOM ( every minute on the minute) workouts and get your heart rate up ! Challenge yourself to push that threshold just a little bit !

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