Friday, June 16, 2017

What is your relationship with food !?

Dieting, deprivation, and eating disorders. Yes this is a scary but very real topic. The relationship you have with food is very important. Those who can separate emotions from hunger are a step ahead. "Diets" that are depriving you of a certain food or food group is causing more harm than good in the journey of weight loss.
There is the emphasis put on food as "good" and "bad". Food is food, it's calories and made up of protein, carbs and fats. The "good" vs. "bad" is a marketing scheme that companies use to make you think their product might be better for you health wise. Truth be told, if it comes from a box, it's processed and already the goodness is taken away. Speaking of which, all the buzz words that come along with "clean eating". However what does that even mean to you?
Clean is a subjective term, depending on who you ask. Here are a few examples of how different groups define the word:
-Paleo: Only “caveman” food. Nuts, meat, berries, vegetables.
=Vegetarian: no meat
-Vegan: no meat, eggs, dairy
-Holistics: no processed food
Looking at that list, there is at least one common theme, they are all pretty natural foods that are not processed. Here's the catch, ALL foods in all categories are good for you in some way shape or form. Variety is key, so why do many fad diets limit this?
When you see a diet that is very restrictive such as a "bro" bodybuilding diet, which is mostly chicken, eggs, veggies, and rice, it's limiting the micro nutrients your body needs. One of the most damning aspects of “clean eating” and being so rigid is the negative mental effect. It’s very easy to fall into an all-or-nothing mindset, don't believe me,? I can tell you! While eating healthy, nutritious food is important, the question of mental balance comes into play.
Healthy is a term used for physical health, but just as important is mental health. Clean eating is becoming a disorder in itself. You can call it health and wellness all you want, but when taken to extremes, it actually is a disorder. Same thing goes for exercise. If you start restricting food and working off your calories that is the starting stages of an eating/exercise disorder. If you start to notice these behaviors, talk to someone about it. I also struggle with this aspect of training/ nutrition so I am here to listen as well.
This is where flexible dieting and macro counting is so beneficial. it makes much more sense both mentally and physically to follow a mostly healthy, widely varied, nutrient-dense diet, peppered with a treat here and there. If you learn how to track your food, you are giving yourself freedom from this yo-yo diet you might have been stuck in. Your body can have the foods it loves and craves given the fact that you can track it and maintain your numbers for the day. No need to binge on foods you can have daily!
If you are struggling with yo yo dieting, clean eating or even trying to lose weight, contact me today. Together lest talk and work on the things that might be causing you to struggle. Sometimes all it takes is someone to open your eyes to a new way of thinking !

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