Monday, June 5, 2017

What is your ONE thing !

What fires you up ? What makes you excited to get up in the morning or stay up late at night working on? We all have that one "thing" we enjoy doing. Maybe it's working on an old car, planting and taking care of a garden, even rescuing animals. Whatever your "thing" is keep on doing it for all the right reasons.
My thing is training. I love it and can't wait to get up and start working out. Some think it's obsessive while many don't know the full story. Training is more than "looking" good, it's feeling good too. I had a rough few months, where my passions, my thing, started to represent something else. It started to turn into a pathway for destructive old behaviors to start lurking around again. When my passion turns into a desire from the mind not from the heart, it's time to re-evaluate my goals.
I enjoy all and any kinds of training so to be honest, picking one and sticking to it has been an issue. I would say that I am good at many forms of training but not "great" at any. I learn to just be good enough and see what I can do. For instance, Crossfit is so much fun to me but I loathe Oly lifting. I am just not passionate about that. Oh wait, there's the gymnastics part too, yea not a fan of that either :) If I wanted to be competitive in that sport, I would have a crap ton of work to accomplish. Not saying I can't do it, but it's not a priority to me. So I find things that i am relatively good at and do them.
Recently, I was going to do a show. I made the decision to walk away. Quitting is not the right term because I made a full thought out decision that my health and longevity is way more important to me than a trophy. I enjoy training for shows, it keeps me motivated but what people didn't see was the other side of it, the dark side. The side that you need to brace yourself for when you are not stage lean or as far as you want to be. I was starting to bring back the good old eating disorder tendencies and instead of saying sure it's ok, I made the choice to stop.
If I would follow that path, I would be going against everything I preach and talk to clients about. Which is making sure you are taking care of your mind and body. To rest, recover and follow good nutritional habits. Yes the sport requires a lot of sacrifice but not at the cost of my health and well being. With that being said, i am shifting gears and doing powerlfiting. It's a performance based sport. It's me focusing on being strong and healthy. Its me learning to conquer demons about training.
To me a 3 hour workout without resting is normal. Cardio for 1 hour and lifting for 2 is normal. So now, shifting gears to less training, more intense training, lifting heavy and eating MORE is hella scary !!! But at what cost ? My health will be better, I will be strong AF and i will be able to be a role model for those around me.
Take away from this is that you need to focus your priority on what you see is necessary and an asset to your life. If you are doing something and it causes more stress, more anxiety and more health issues, rethink that ! Find people who know how to program accordingly and are there to help you!

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